GPS based Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) for School Buses: Security of School Children is a matter of concern forthe School Management and Parents. For ensuring avoidance of any unforeseen event to occur during pickup & drop, schools have made rules that only parents / Guardian who are pre-identified may only be allowed to pick up the children. All these requirements can be regulated and monitored by the Concerned administrator from the remote / School by using Vehicle Tracking system having RFID based identification system. The School / Base Station by this device will know at any time where is the vehicle and who are in the vehicle by making use of the RFID-identification system, since each person boarding the vehicle or and getting down from the vehicle will have to touch the bio-identification device fitted at the Door of the Vehicle. Even parents / Guardian allowed to pick up the child could to be permitted after verification on the Bio-identification system. Thus problem can be avoided even when any new escort is managing the School Bus. 
School Bus and Attendance System by i-Diagnosis :
  • A GPS, GSM and GPRS based tracking device and an RFID based attendance sytem are installed in the school bus. RFID based atendance system is also installed at the school gate. The software is web based and is availble to the concerned persons (Students, parents, and School administration) on thier PC / Laptiops / Smart phones for the allowed information (based on logging permissions).
  • The real time status and reports can be seen by the concerned persons from the school website using their ID an dpassword.
  • SMS alerts are issued for pick up and drop and when students reach school and when students leave school on the pre-registered cell phones.
  • SMS alerts are also issued in case of emergencies or students getting dropped from the bus at other than the specified bus stop for that student.

Advantages for Students:
1. SMS for bus reaching for pick up - No long waiting period in harsh weather.
2. Real time view of all buses of the school including its speed - can take other bus in case of missing own bus.
3. Automatic attendance on reaching school.

Advantages for Parents 
1. SMS delivery to paretns for
a.) On child reaching School and on departure from school
b.) Bus timings for pick up 
2. Alerts in case child is being dropped at    other place than the designated place.
3. Parents can look up school bus in Real Time

Advantages for School Management 
1. Management of school buses on real time basis.
2. Automatic attendance of the students
3.Geo fencing for additional security and security
4. Better control of the bus fleet with all real time information on drivers, attendant  and bus stoppage and movement times.                                                                                   (More-Visit our website