GPS based Vehicle Tracking (VTS) System for Perishable Food (Milk / Vegetables / Fish etc) transporters:  Perishable commodities (such as fresh meat, seafood, ripe fruits, vegetables, flowers and temperature-sensitive medical products) when transported from producers to consumers are expected to stay fresh across considerable distances. Perhaps one of the most important keys to success in the cold chain is controlling the temperature during transportation and shipping 
PerishableFoodVanVan with Door Sensor

Consumption level of perishable foods in the world is increasing each year. The industry is demand-driven and, therefore, necessity of even more efficient cold chains in terms of reducing the time-to-market is becoming more and more important. It requires high problem-solving skills supported by technological means. If logistics providers want to stay on top of the cold chain game, they must continuously search for new technologies that will advance their operations and competitiveness by finding ways to reduce transit time and keeping the temperature conditions under control.

Perishable Food Produtcs

I-Diagnosis’s solution for such transportation provides all these as explained below:

Ø  Ways to optimize the route from source of production to consumption / market

Ø  Monitor time to travel – and reducing it by eliminating unessential stoppages

Ø  Monitoring Temperature from loading of the products till unloading

Ø  Minimizing loss of energy / maintain temperature by monitoring door opening status

Ø  Monitoring speed of the vehicle – avoiding over speed and excessive shocks to refrigerating equipment,

Ø  Monitoring running / stoppage of the AC

Ø  Possibility of corrective action at earliest as remote monitoring provides problem immediately on its handling and the place of occurrence,   next place for the repair / corrective action can be alerted / made ready for earliest remedial action.

Ø  View of all vehicles on a single web page making it possible for efficient management and control

Ø  Planning and monitoring of all maintenance and administrative requirements for each vehicle at a single place.  

Ø  Alert on rout deviation with Geo Fencing of the Road.

GPS based tracking and fleet management is same as for Logistics companies, The additonal features are Temprature Monitoring with Temperature Sensor and Door opening / closing monitoring with Door Sensor. For these two factors the report availble is shown below: