GPS based Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) for Municipality Vehicles / Municipality Vehicle Tracking System (MVTS):  

Two type of operations for vehicle fleet are common with municipalities,                                                           a) related to waste collection and disposal, and                                                                                              b) distribution of water using tankers for drinking purpose or for horticulture and cleaning operations.

a)     Waste collection and disposal:

The collection and transportation of the huge amount of waste is a matter of concern for any Corporation or Municipality. For example Mumbai Corporation operates a huge fleet of 983 Municipal and Private vehicles for collection of waste making 1396 number of trips each day.

Waste is required to be collected from all the places and taken for disposal. The disposal process could be a land fill, program or a burning place or a waste treatment plant. Collection is in smaller quantity; therefore, it has to be collected at some intermediary place from where it is moved through larger vehicles.

All these vehicle trips require route planning as well as real time monitoring to ensure that the whole operation is done in efficient manner. Following type of equipment (all or some), which involve waste collection bins, dumper trucks and compactors, are generally involved in this process:

  LandFill Compactor A Landfill collector B LandFill Compactor C Truck Dumper Garbage Truck Small Garbage Truck

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The GPS based Tracking and Fleet Management solution provided by i-Diagnosis takes care of all possible requirements. It provides not only for route planning and real time monitoring of vehicle movements, it provides system of recording and analysis of waste collection process, landfills or taking it to the waste treatment plant.

The benefits of the GPS tracking and fleet management system are increased productivity, safety and security. To see the details of these benefits, click here.

 GarbageTrolly to TruckGarbageTruck to Compactor

b)    Water Tankers:

For these a simple GPS based tracking and Fleet management solution is required. I-Diagnosis solution provides increased productivity, safety and security. To see the details of these benefits, click here.

Water Tanker