Get Comprehensive VTS SOLUTIONS Meeting Total Requirement 
GPS based Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) for Commercial Fleet Operators (Transport Corporations / Truck Operators)  being offered by i-Diagnosis provides the  power of being able to track the dispersed vehicle fleet while sitting in the comfort of the office. It provides the added flexibility of knowing where the vehicles have been and where they are heading to. VTS by i-Diagnosis provides the ability to optimize routing and incorporate real time operational needs while the fleet is on the move. The  anytime-anywhere, internet enabled fleet tracking & Management Solution by i-Diagnosis offers all this and much more. Fleet Managers can quickly deploy this tracking solution with minimal upfront investment. They have to just buy the VTS device, insert GPRS enabled SIM card in the device, and start tracking the fleet (having device installed in it) anywhere on the earth on any computer terminal connected to the Internet by using their secure ID and password connectivity.
VTS for Real Time Fleet Tracking - Whole Fleet can be seen in real time at the locations they are on that point of time. These vehicles may be at any place on the Globe.    
VTS - Route Replay:You want to know during a week or a month what all the trips your vehicle made, you can get it as a report and track it on map for each day using Route Replay.  This information is handy for analyzing the routes planned and actually followed by the fleet operatio. With route-replay it is possible to visually see which route was followed by the vehicle, what was speed at any time / location and for how much time it stopped on the way at any location.

Benefits of GPS and Fleet based Tracking Management

1.0              Productivity Enhancement / Increase in Profit:

1.1              Reduction in fuel cost by Optimizing routing,

1.2              Reduction in fuel cost by minimizing idle time,

1.3              Reduction in fuel cost by Fuel Monitoring and eliminating fuel pilferage.

1.4              Reduction in fuel cost by avoiding excessive speeds

1.5              Better fuel efficiency with Proactive vehicle maintenance by adopting planned / preventive maintenance

1.6              Route deviation by the drivers can be eliminated with use of route geo-fencing.

1.7              Better customer relationship on account of better adherence of delivery schedules and providing better delivery information will result in higher repeat orders.

1.8              Analysis on fleet utilization leading to higher utilization

1.9              Better maintenance with planned schedule leading to higher vehicle life.

1.10          Reduction in Insurance premium.

1.11          Speedier settlement of Insurance claim in case of accidents on account of information on speed / better information.

1.12          Avoiding need to frequently calling driver to know the location of the vehicle.

2.0              Improving Safety

2.1              By keeping eye on over speed, accidents can be avoided. Drivers training can be planned.

3.0              Improving Security

3.1       Not only probability of theft can be reduced due to Real Time Tracking, stolen vehicles recovery is also easier.

4.0              Avoiding Adulteration

4.1              Opening of doors on the way for the purpose adulteration can be eliminated with door open alerts.

5.0              Avoiding manual Log books:

5.1              Information on distance and time of all journeys for all vehicles is available.

Reports: There are numbe of reports, tabular and graphical,which provide very useful information related to the vehicles of the fleet for analysis to improve productivity, safety and security. These reports cover Trip Summary report, Movement Report, Stoppage report, Distance covered by the vehicle. There are various Event Reports covering SOS alerts, over speed alerts, main power cut off alert, device tempor alert etc.  The graphical reports cover fuel quantity in the vehicle, idle hours (when engine was on but vehicle was staionary). These reports provide data upto 30 previous days and for keeping record  for longer duration, data can be stored in various formats like excel, PDF, JPG etc.
Report View

Geo-Fencing: enables you to get alert in case the vehicle moves in or out of it. This functionality can be made use of for getting alert for preparatory jobs at the approaching station of the vehicle like preparations of unloading or information to the customers.  

Communication with the Fleet Operators - Two way communication is in-built in the system for various devices , you can talk to the driver at any time. Driver in case of any emergency can also send SOS. The device(s) by i-Diagnosis have the number of optional features like Fuel Monitoring,  Temperature Monitoring, Stopping of the vehicle by Sending SMS from the owners cell phone in case of theft of the vehicle, setting speed alert etc.