GPS based Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) for Call Centres / B. P. O.s / IT Companies :

More and more organizations are finding the catalyst of transformation is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Whether in the public or private sector, there are rising pressures to deliver effectiveness and efficiency in increasingly volatile circumstances. Running the business in most productive way is the norm for success. To run stable outsourcing company (mainly BPO), one needs to overcome the challenges coming in its way. One of the challenge is that A large proportion of the BPO workforce is female, and many employees are required to work in late night shifts. Transportation of workers to and from late night shifts is usually contracted out by the BPO company to a fleet of cabs. There appears to be a general perception among women BPO workers, as well as in the media and the police that this kind of travel arrangement raises serious safety issues.

The BPO companies are aware of these safety issues and have introduced some rules to prevent untoward incidents – the main rule being that female workers are not to travel in a cab unless accompanied by a male colleague. Some companies are also put security guards in these cabs. Among the new ideas to improve security the most effective measure is installing Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in cabs to track their movements.

BPO BUSCall Center

Addition of a camera which can take photographs automatically at some time inteval and installtion of a
RFID based identification system can further augment this safety measure.

The RFID enabled GPS tracking device is fitted near the door of the bus. Each person using these vehicles is provided with RFID based identity cards, From the identity card, the RFID reader of the device (which is near the door of the bus), reads who is getting in or out from the bus and GPS part indicate the location of the Bus thus the office / Base Station will know at any time where is the vehicle and who are in the vehicle. 

Companies normally have RFID based access control system for which they have provided RFID based identity cards to their employees. For such companies solution can be customized so that Same cards can be used for buses also. For companies which do not have RFID based access control system but want to implement this system, Access Control System for their office as well as RFID based GPS Tracking device for the Buses can be provided.

GPS based Tracking and Fleet Mangement soltion being provided by i-Diagnosis, offers all this and much more, (click here to see benefits in detail). Fleet Managers can quickly deploy this tracking solution with minimal upfront investment. They have to just buy the VTS device, insert GPRS enabled SIM card in the device, and start tracking the fleet (having device installed in it) anywhere on the earth on any computer terminal connected to the Internet by using their secure ID and password connectivity. 

All Vehicle View
Route re-play: For any individual vehicle you can see the complete route and the time sheet it followed for any time interval during last one month. It will be known where the vehicle is at any point of time, and also its speed at that time is indicated.  This tracking in real time on the map can be seen on your lap top or palm top or even on web enabled cell phone. You can even configure to know how much fuel is there in its tank at any time. 
Travel History
VTS Reports: There are numbe of reports, tabular and graphical,which provide very useful information related to the vehicles of the fleet for analysis to improve productivity, safety and security. These reports cover Trip Summary report, Movement Report, Stoppage report, Distance covered by the vehicle. There are various Event Reports covering SOS alerts, over speed alerts, main power cut off alert, device tempor alert etc.  The graphical reports cover fuel quantity in the vehicle, idle hours (when engine was on but vehicle was staionary). These reports provide data upto 30 previous days and for keeping record  for longer duration, data can be stored in various formats like excel, PDF, JPG etc.

Geo-Fencing: enables you to get alert in case the vehicle moves in or out of it. This functionality can be made use of for getting alert for preparatory jobs at the approaching station of the vehicle like preparations of unloading or information to the customers.  i-Diagnosis software platform provides geo fencing in recangle, circular, polygon and polyline shapes.


Geo Fence type 
Communication with the Fleet Operators - Two way communication is in-built in the system for various devices , you can talk to the driver at any time. Driver in case of any emergency can also send SOS. The device(s) by i-Diagnosis have the number of optional features like Fuel Monitoring,  Temperature Monitoring, Stopping of the vehicle by Sending SMS from the owners cell phone in case of theft of the vehicle, setting speed alert etc.