i-Diagnosis Telematics Private Limited a leader in GPS tracking industry and have been successfully pursuing its partnership program for someIMG22 time.Telematics is an upcoming area wherein by 2013 Indian revenue is expected to be more than 50 billion Rupees. Partners who have joined this program are successfully carrying out their business in this area. You too can become part of this success story.

Who can join the i-Diagnosis partnership program?

This program is open to all those promising companies / individuals who wish to join an upcoming line of business for which infrastructure and guidance is available and initial investment requirements are nominal.

How to become partner?

Step 1: Fill in the partnership format or download it, fill it and send this information by mail toinfo@idiagnosis.in

Step 2: i-Diagnosis Telematics Private Limited will review the information submitted by you.

Step 3: Minimum of 5 GPS units of any model of i-Diagnosis devices will have to be purchased to be used as sample.

Step 4: :the reseller partner agreement is signed by you with i-Diagnosis Telematics Private Limited.

Step 5: You get an order for at least three devices. Our technician will reach your location to carry out the installation of the device for which you have received the order and will also train your technicians to take up the installation job at their own in future.


What is the investment?

The investment is very nominal and depending on the territory. I-Diagnosis provides all the technical support/ installation/ servers/ marketing literature/ national advertising and press.

Our model is based on that we want our associates to be only concerned with the marketing. Rest all is taken care by us.

What type of services an associate is offering to its clients?

i-Diagnosis have  very large number and types of clients, The associate can offer to their clients from any of these segments. It can either be a fleet management service, a vehicle and driver protection services, or both.

Who are the potential clients?

For fleet management service, the potential clients can be

Ø  Commercial companies with large fleet of vehicles (such as transportation, car leasing, taxis, retail).

Ø  Public service fleets (such as buses, police, ambulances, security services, and garbage trucks).

Ø  Refrigerated Vans.

Ø  Containers and tanker truck companies

Ø  Cash Carrying Armed Vehicles.

Ø  Ready Mix Concentrate.

Ø  School Buss SMS & Tracking system,

Ø  Ambulances.

Ø  Call Centre vehicles

 For the security service, the potential clients can be:

* Insurance companies.
* Commercial compan
* Private Car Owners

What is the business model?

The business model is to sell and install the hardware in clients’ vehicles. The reseller partner makes a profit on this. Once the hardware is sold i-Diagnosis charges the customer a monthly fee for the software and SIM card for which the reseller partner is given a pre agreed margin. Normally a customer takes the service from the existing units for a min of 5 years.

The reseller partner is also encouraged to take up the local co-ordination job for large sized tenders and they get a pre-determined part of the profit margin.

Does i-Diagnosis provide an on-site training?IMG21

Yes. It is part of the reseller part program as indicated above.

Why i-Diagnosis Telematics Private Limited

i-Diagnosis is  proven producer of various models of the GPS Tracking devices.  The tracking software has been developed by its own team, enabling any customization required by the end customer. The map data is also being maintained by the company which enables very useful reports and tracking for companies operating in remote areas. I-Diagnosis devices can be augmented by large variety of accessories which enhance the productivity at the user-end. i-Diagnosis' solutions are most cost competitve and of very high quality and i-Diagnosis provide world class after sales service.