Overview of the Vehicle Tracking System

The Vehicle Tracking System being offered by i-Diagnosis is a GPS based system that tracks the position of the vehicles in real time and also records the events for later review. The solution is capable of tracking a fleet of vehicles and keeping the administrator informed on the location of the vehicles; and alerting in case of certain events.  An overview of the working of the system is shown below:

The vehicle tracking system comprises of a Gadget installed in a vehicle. It has two antennas, one GPS antenna and another GSM / GPRS Antenna.  The Gadget gets power from the battery of the vehicle. However, it has its own back up battery also to supply power in case of power cut off from the vehicle battery. This back up battery can supply power to the VTS device for a few hours depending upon the battery installed in the unit. For GSM / GPRS communication from the device a sim card like that in a cell phone (obtained from any of the service provider) is installed in the device.

The GPS receiver in the device captures position data from the satellites, computes the position of the vehicle and sends this information in the form of GPRS data to a central base station,  This communication can also be sent in the form of SMS. Since GPRS is more efficient and cheaper it is the preferred mode. At the base station location information is plotted using GIS maps and this information is made available to the users through web server. The user can open the browser on any PC / laptop or palm top and can see the vehicle position in real time. User can change set parameters by using his / her cell phone.