Ø  Who is i-Diagnosis Telematics Private Limited ?

  i-Diagnosis Telematics Private Limited is a leading GPS based Fleet Management solution provider and manufacturer of several GPS Tracking devices. i-Diagnosis brand of GPS devices are in registered list of devices by DIMTS on behalf of Delhi Governemnt for installation in public utility vehicles. The software platform made avaible to i-Diagnosis Customers is very advanced and provides besides Real Time tracking on four type of maps, Rectangle, circular, Polygon ad polyline Geo fencing. The Route replay is multi-media. Reports provide  Comprehensive base for Productivity and safety analysis and enhancement. The service by the company is world class and products are of high quallity standards. i-Diagnosis also provide dual SIM based trackers (GSM and satellite communication) for non GSM areas.

Ø  Do i-Diagnosis Tracking solutions provide real time information?

     Yes, i-Diagnosis tracking solutions provide real time information anywhere on the Globe it may be GSM network area or not. It has tracking solutions for GSM network area as well as for non-GSM network area.

Ø  Does i-Diagnosis have different models?

       Yes, i-Diagnosis have several Tracking devices’/ models and solutions to meet the specific requirements of various customers and business verticals.

Ø  What is the warranty on the hardware?

  The standard warranty is for one year during which i-Diagnosis replaces the system free of cost for any manufacturing defect.

Ø  What happens after the warranty?

  A comprehensive annual maintenance contract can be taken for a fixed cost which covers preventive maintenance as well as components, with the exception of tampering.

Ø  Is the hardware visible after installation?

  No, the hardware is not visible except where two way communication facility is to be provided to the driver. In those cases only hands free mice wire is visible. Visible hardware acts as a cause of tampering and it's one of the prime reasons most organization have not been able to successfully implement a GPS Fleet Management Solution.

Ø  Will the tracking hardware run down the batteries of the vehicle?

  No. When the vehicle is stopped for more than two minutes, the unit goes into sleep mode. It requires very little power in this mode.

Ø  Can the tracking hardware be installed in another vehicle?
Yes– this is being done in several cases to enable optimum use of the tracking hardware as the vehicles on hire by the customer have to be changed after their contract period. I-Diagnosis reinstall the unit in another vehicle at a nominal cost or technicians with the customers are trained by i-Diagnosis for that purpose.

Ø  What software is required to view real time tracking and reports?
The tracking software being web based, only computer with an internet connection or a PDA is required. For this User Id and Password is provided by i-Diagnosis. This information can be viewed from any location and by several persons simultaneously to whom access is allowed can view the information.

Ø  Can multiple people view at the same time?

  Yes, the application is web based.

Ø  How does the GPS tracking solution enhance the productivity or what are the benefit of the investment in GPS technology?

Ø  Higher Productivity - Since the system provides Real Time Tracking  The dispersed fleet can be tracked on continuous basis. This helps in planning, quicker turn around for cargo/ customer queries as to where the goods are. Better utilization of your asset means more revenues and more profit.

Ø  Theft Protection - The vehicle can be gradually stopped and then immobilized through the mobile phone or from the internet or from the tracking control center

Ø  Adulteration and Pilferage Avoidance – For cases of expensive fuels being transported, Lid opening alerts mechanism is installed which alert SMS to the designated phone number in case of lid opening.

Ø  Accident prevention - Over Speed – Where there is no control on this, asset’s life can get reduced/accidents are possible, causing loss of revenue and important clientele. Speed Alerts can be set and if the truck crosses a certain speed, an alert will be sent in the form of SMS.

Ø  Fuel Pilferage - Create reports on fuel pilferage and average by vehicle type and entire fleet.

Ø  Mileage Log Book –There is no more dependency on the odometer for mileage. Global positioning system gives the mileage with 98% accuracy and log book gets maintained. Reports are available on vehicle usage and stoppages which can be linked to the vehicle maintenance and hiring charges.

Ø  Work Timings - What time the vehicle started/ Where it went/ How much distance travelled/ What time he reached the customer - everything is available in a report. There is no need to hear from the driver that he waited 3 hours to unload. There will be power of the instant information.

Ø  Sensors - Hi-end technology with Accident Detector/Fuel Sensor/Thermal Sensor allows enhanced Monitoring and greater Productivity.

Ø  Various user verticals – the specialized software is available for various segments like SMS based system for school children.

Ø  Route Deviation - If the Fleet is to move from New Delhi to Mumbai and on way they deviate to different route, then any deviation would trigger an alert.