Benefits of GPS and Fleet based Tracking Management

1.0              Productivity Enhancement / Increase in Profit:

1.1              Reduction in fuel cost by Optimizing routing,

1.2              Reduction in fuel cost by minimizing idle time,

1.3              Reduction in fuel cost by Fuel Monitoring and eliminating fuel pilferage.

1.4              Reduction in fuel cost by avoiding excessive speeds

1.5              Better fuel efficiency with Proactive vehicle maintenance by adopting planned / preventive maintenance

1.6              Route deviation by the drivers can be eliminated with use of route geo-fencing.

1.7              Better customer relationship on account of better adherence of delivery schedules and providing better delivery information will result in higher repeat orders.

1.8              Analysis on fleet utilization leading to higher utilization

1.9              Better maintenance with planned schedule leading to higher vehicle life.

1.10          Reduction in Insurance premium.

1.11          Speedier settlement of Insurance claim in case of accidents on account of information on speed / better information.

1.12          Avoiding need to frequently calling driver to know the location of the vehicle.

2.0              Improving Safety

2.1              By keeping eye on over speed, accidents can be avoided. Drivers training can be planned.

3.0              Improving Security

3.1       Not only probability of theft can be reduced due to Real Time Tracking, stolen vehicles recovery is also easier.

4.0              Avoiding Adulteration

4.1              Opening of doors on the way for the purpose adulteration can be eliminated with door open alerts.

5.0              Avoiding manual Log books:

5.1              Information on distance and time of all journeys for all vehicles is available.