i-Diagnosis Telematics Private Limited an Information Technology (IT) products and system integration company is dealing in two major IT Segments i.e. a) Solutions based on Real Time Technologies (GPS and RFID) and b) Smart Solutions related to Energy Sector. I-Diagnosis was established in Jan 2007 as a proprietor ship (as i-Diagnosis technologies) which in June 2013 got registered as a Private Limited company, as per the provisions of companies act 1956

Company covers various industry verticals with predominant presence in i) Corporate ii) PSUs, iii) Logistics, iv) Education and v) Health vi) Power


  1. Solutions based on Real Time Technologies (GPS, GPRS and GSM based tracking systems  www.idiagnosis.in

i-Diagnosis have been a leader in GPS Tracking and Fleet Management solutions and have wide range of experience and product range.

Our GPS device ID03 has been registered by DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-mode Transportation System on behalf of Delhi Government for installation in Public Utility vehicles in Delhi.

i-Diagnosis Telematics is the founder member/ member of the executive council of the Telematics Association of India.

i-Diagnosis provides world class after sales service and believes that the GPS solution must be evaluated not only for equipment and software reports being provided initially but also considering the service being provided by the company. Continued service support is vital for the successful continuation of this management solution.


The salient features of GPS based tracking system and fleet management being provided by i-Diagnosis are:

a)    http://www.ourvehicle.info/images/VTSOverview.jpg  i-Diagnosis are making various models of the tracking devices to ensure that the Tracking and Fleet management solution offered is most optimum. The tracking devices being offered are for simple GSM / GPS /GPRS based devices to most advanced devices which can meet the requirement of integrated solutions covering various functionalities including two way communication, RFID, Photos, Scanners, Bar code readers, Fuel / temperature sensors etc. Devices are available for GSM as well as for non GSM area. Devices being offered by i-Diagnosis are being used for almost all types of vehicle fleets These services are being used by .Logistics companies, Commercial Fleet Operators, Truck Operators, Perishable food (milk / vegetable / fish) transporters, High Security Vehicles for Cash & Valuables, BPM Companies / Call Centers, School Buses, City Bus Services, Inter-City Bus Services, Insurance/Finance Companies (Track for safeguarding against theft), Taxi Fleet Owners, Private Bus Operators, Municipal Transport, Defence, Police, Hospital for Ambulances, Individual Vehicle Owners, Heavy / Construction machinery operation companies.

b)     For various devices there is single web software platform as a result it is possible that our customer can begin with simple device like ID03 with tracking and fuel monitoring and then can move on to the device with the camera without getting into hassle of multiple platforms and isolated reports.

c)      The web based tracking software application has been developed by i-Diagnosis’s own team. With this capability it is possible to not only provide various special needs like Vehicle Maintenance in addition it can be integrated with the existing software of the user company.

d)     . The Software Platform being providing by i-Diagnosis is an advance platform  with several unique features, first of its kind in the industry like there is option of looking the Real time position of the vehicles on any of the four maps (Google, Yahoo, Binge Open Street). Geo fencing of four types (Rectangle, Circular, Polygon and Polyline). With polyline Geo fencing Road length can be fenced to get alert in case of route deviation. Number of analytical tabular and graphical reports for analysis to enhance productivity and safety. Reports data can be taken in excel /CSV/PDF formats and can be copied as soft copy or directly printed. Graphical reports can be copied in JPG/ PNG/PDF or SVG Vector graphic format. Route replay is presented as a multi-media file with actual direction of the vehicles with pause and speed control and auto refresh rate control. In case of camera device, you can take and view photographs remotely. You can schedule and monitor various activities related to the vehicle like.

e)     For installation of devices across the Nation, i-Diagnosis have a network covering over 300 locations.

f)      The total solution being provided by i-Diagnosis is very competitive in price and of proven quality.


GPS/GPRS/GSM integrated Taxi Fare Meters: Advance integrated Taxi Meters has been added by i-Diagnosis to its line of products.  The salient Features of i-Diagnosis Taxi Meters are:


Ø Very Competitively priced

Ø Low Installation Cost

Ø Low Maintenance Cost.


Ø Built-in High sensitive latest technology based GPS and GPRS antennas,

Ø Very simple to install – just two wires to be connected to the power source

Ø Very simple to service – no fiddling with antenna wires, or wiring in the car

Ø Very Flexible – Can be moved from one car to another with ease.


Ø Just one board – very simple to service

Ø -.compact size

Ø Light weight

Ø Board interconnection problems not there.


Ø ISO 9001:2008

Ø ERTL Certified

Ø IP-54 Certified from NABL Accredited Laboratory


GPS based Hand Held Terminals (HHT): i-Diagnosis are offering Linux based HHTs integrated with smart card (RFID) reader / writer, biometric / finger print scanner, magnetic strip card (ATM) readers, printer, camera, data storage, long life battery and with connectivity options of GPRS, broad band, wi fi, blue tooth, LAN/WAN and ready with software programs for encryption / decryption and local languages support.


http://www.idiagnosis.co.in/images/RFID.jpgRFID based Solutions: Asset Tracking or Patient Tracking or Entry Control System is another dimension which is part of products. These products are based on Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) Technique.


A.       Systems (Computer Hardware and Systems Software) (www.idiagnosis.net ) i-Diagnosis Telematics Private Limited has partnership alliance with premier global organizations which helps to deliver exceptional quality in the business of IT services. Quality commitment is indelibly ingrained in the i-Diagnosis culture and our ethical framework is inundated with the drive to go beyond the existent boundaries of professional excellence. Our business associates are epitomical of the very same values that we nurture, and this only amplifies our quest for perfection.


i-Diagnosis is resolutely committed to endowing its clients with the finest in the world of IT Infrastructure, and strongly believes that its business partners are an integral part of this ethical set-up. We have key partnership with Hewlett Packard (HP), Microsoft, Invensys-Skelta, Pretty May and Geodesic.




a)             Health Sector: (www.idiagnosis.co)

http://www.idiagnosis.co.in/images/HMIS.jpgi-Diagnosis Telematics Private Limited is geared to provide Total Information Technology Support to all organizations in Health Sector. Those may be Super Specialty Hospitals, or a down town hospital, or Primary Health Centre or a remote Rural Clinic or a company engaged in Medical Tourism.  We carry out Turnkey assignments covering Hardware, Software and some of the Medical Equipment. For Telemedicine Centers at  Remote Hospitals we also assist in finalization of the agreement with the desired Super Specialty Hospitals..

Our Hospital Management System is being used successfully by large Hospitals as well by small Health Centers. It covers the entire requirement for the Hospital Administration, Medical specialists, Nursing Centers and the patients. The software we offer is being used in over 140 Hospitals

http://www.idiagnosis.co.in/images/Telmed11.jpgOur Telemedicine System is a comprehensive application meant for Store and Forward as well as for Real-time access of medical information for anyone, anytime, anyplace, on any IT network to provide time-saving, cost-saving and potentially life-saving remote services.

http://www.idiagnosis.co.in/images/TMVan1.jpgComplete / fully equipped Telemedicine  Vans and Mobile Hospitals  is part of our product line. These vans can serve the duel purpose of Publicity / Information / Education vans for Rural areas.


http://www.idiagnosis.co.in/images/RemoteMonitoring.jpgRemote Monitoring System- i-Diagnosis offers complete solution for setting up Remote & Mobile Monitoring Centers for Personalized Healthcare. This system is a medical network that collects, stores, analyzes, transmits and monitors in real-time all kinds of human life signs. (ECG, EEG, Pulse Oximetry, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Ambulatory Urodynamics etc)

http://www.idiagnosis.co.in/images/Ambulance.jpgOur Ambulance Tracking System is based on GPS, GSM and GPRS technology,   This is one of the Best available system for vehicle Tracking and safety device. Any hospital or a fleet owner using this system can find out at any time the location, and its speed and several other parameters like fuel level & two way communication. The system provides for between the hospital/ fleet owner and the Ambulance Van / vehicle unhindered contact

http://www.idiagnosis.co.in/images/medicaltour.jpgOur Other Health Sector Information Technology Products include products like comprehensive package for Medical Tourism. Interactive SMS based Smart Communication System, and for fixing Consultation Appointments, Patient Status Enquiry, Location Enquiry etc we offer Touch Screen Kiosk Systems.


b)      Webconcall02.pngEducation

Online Education (www.tutoronline.info)

i-Diagnoisis Telematics Private Limited provides TutorOnline solution which offers an excellent platform for online education at an affordable price. Academic organizations including Universities, Colleges, Schools and Other education service providers can make use of this solution for course delivery in a short span of time keeping their own branding and from their own website. This is an easy to adopt solution for online / virtual classroom education solution for tutors, training centers and individual teachers as well. This solution provides them classroom like set up with capability of enrolling students from anywhere from the Globe with no geographical limits.

School Bus (www.ourvehicle.in)

http://www.ourvehicle.info/images/SchoolBus.jpgSecurity of School Children is a matter of concern for the School Management and Parents. For ensuring avoidance of any unforeseen event to occur during pickup & drop, schools have made rules that only parents / Guardian who are pre-identified may only be allowed to pick up the children. All these requirements can be regulated and monitored by the concerned administrator from the remote / School by using Vehicle Tracking system having RFID based identification system. From the time the bus leaves school, SMS will get issued to the concerned parents at the next bus stand to cut down on the waiting time. The School / Base Station by this device will know at any time where is the vehicle and who are in the vehicle by making use of the RFID-identification system, since each person boarding the vehicle or and getting down from the vehicle will have to touch the bio-identification device fitted at the Door of the Vehicle. Even parents / Guardian allowed to pick up the child could to be permitted after verification on the Bio-identification system. Thus problem can be avoided even when any new escort is managing the School.


c)      Logistic FMS (www.idiagnosis.in)

logistics Management software, Nigeria, Kenya,India, bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata,Indore,KochiBesides comprehensive VTS being provided on turnkey basis by us, we also provide (with association of our partner)  an affordable, reliable and proven logistics software solutions available for sundry parcel, express parcel, bus cargo transport operators, C&F transport contractors and supply chain logistics providers in India, Africa and the Middle East. This FMS is a fully integrated software suite developed using superior technology to help small and medium sized cargo movers grow their business.