GPS Tracking System for Tour Operators (TSTO)

Agencies of Tourism Department or Private Tour operators conduct various categories of Tours. These tours may be from part of a day to several days. These tours may be for the local destinations or may be within country or international.  Use of fleet of tourist buses or cars in any case is part of all such organizations.

Tourist Bus

The challenges for these organizations are:

a)       Planning various tours, with plan for journeys to be performed in planned time and route and adhering to these times and routes when journeys are actually performed with stake holders of different taste and style.

b)       Coordination with Hotels, Motels and Tourist places with respect to plan and adherence to timings or communication in case of delays etc.

c)       Starting tour as per schedule and ensuring all participants board the bus in time and no person is left out.

d)       Similarly on way after stop over the participants / passengers are required to come back in time so that the journey can be continued in time and no person is left out.

e)        In case any passenger gets delayed or is stuck up, he/she should be able to communicate with the conductor so that the appropriate decision can be taken.

f)        Relatives of the tourists will have peace in case they are able to know the where about of  the tourist in real time.

g)       Photos of the journey can add to pleasures.

GPS based tracking and Fleet Management system by i-Diagnosis meets all above requirements. This has features of recording data/contact details of  all participants and facilitating communication with all the participants. Camera which is also available, has the capability for periodic photo taking facility. This serves a great facility in discharge of  responsibility of the Tour Operators / Tour mangers. Two cameras are supported by this device. One camera can be used for inside view to ensure all apssengers are seated and the second camera can give outside details about the location wherever the vehicle is at that point of ntime.

The relevant information is not only available on desk top / lap top but is also available on any cell phone to all stake holders. The information is available to all concerned but is safe as it has the necessary guard against any misuse because of the id and password and registration of the devices.

The tour operation management can see all the buses / vehicles on a single map and keep control on each vehicle’s movements as information is available to them in real time regarding location, speed , running of AC etc. In case of any emergency action can be taken with minimum possible loss of time.

All vehicles can be seen on a single map page in with their Real Time postion, which may be at any part of the globe /  country as shown below:

All Vehicle View

The pictures are taken by the camera at any fixed interval and stored as thumb nails with time stamp on each thumb nail. Larger view of the picture can be seen by just clicking on the picture.

 NV1 NV2 NV3 NV4 NV5 NV6